Kaja Peterson
International Policy Fellow 2003

Project Title: Role of Strategic Environmental Assessment in Increasing Transparency in Decision-Making on National Sectoral Policies in the Baltic States, with special reference to Estonia

2003 Fellowship Topic Area: Environmental Impact Assessment Policy

  • Project Mentors

           Prof Aleg Cherp, PhD, Environmental Science and Policy Department, CEU
           Mr Panu Kontio, MSc, Finnish Environmental Centre

  • Reports
        Interim Progress Report
        Final Report  (30 April 2004)
  • Research Paper
        Draft Paper  due 22 August 2003 ( .doc)
        Final Paper due April 2004

                   Type 1 - Public Authorities
                   Type 2 - SEA experts
                   Type 3 - Env NGOs - SEA stakeholders

                  Links to some SEA reports developed in the Baltic States

  • Policy Paper
        Final Policy Brief
  • Mentors' Critique Forms - FINAL
             by Prof Aleg Cherp
             by Mr Panu Kontio
  • Links
        CEU, Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy
        Estonian Institute of Sustainable Development
        Estonian Ministry of the Environment
  • Contact
          Kaja Peterson,
          Box 160, 10502
          Tallinn, Estonia
          ph:  +372-6276104
          fax: +372-6276101