Evgenia Kolomak
2003 International Policy Fellow

2003 Fellowship Topic Area: Monetary and Fiscal Policy
2003 Fellowship Project Title: Regional Protection in Russia: Harmful or Beneficial?
2003 Fellowship Research Proposal
2003 Fellowship Project Timetable
Evgenia Kolomak's  Curriculum Vitae
2003 Fellowship Project Mentors:
Natalia Kravchenko - Professor of the Novosibirsk State University
Dmitry Zverev - Expert of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2003 Fellowship Interim Report

Interim Activity Report
Interim Research Paper: Draft
Interim Policy  Paper: Draft
Interim  Mentor's Critique Forms: Natalia Kravchenko; Dmitry Zverev

2003 Fellowship Final Report
Final Activity Report
Final Research Paper
Final Policy Paper
Final  Mentor's Critique Forms: Natalia Kravchenko; Dmitry Zverev

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