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Liliana Proskuryakova
Marina Sokolova
Pavel Bayov
Tetyana Kovtun

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Stephen Kotkin

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Open Government
Open Society in Central and Eastern Europe
Open Society and Its Enemies 1
Open Society and Its Enemies 2
Open Society in an Era of Globalization
Open Society Assesses Its Enemies

Open Society threats

The recent wave of democratization in countries of the former Soviet Union has reopened an examination about the effective role of civil society in such transitions. With increasing authoritarian trends in some environments (Russia, Kazakhstan) and reinforced despotism in others (Belarus, Uzbekistan), policy level consideration on the contributing factors influencing open society is of great importance. Research undertaken by this working group attempts to examine social change within specific country contexts and provide policy recommendations aimed at the promotion of democratic governance, human rights, and economic, legal, and social reform within these societies.

Fellow projects in 2005:

  • Liliana Proskuryakova (Russia):
    Civic Engagement Policies of the World Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in Russia
  • Marina Sokolova (Belarus):
    The Place of Citizens, Civil Society Organizations, and Parliaments in E-Government
  • Pavel Bayov (Russia):
    Civil Society and Civil Religion in Russia
  • Tetyana Kovtun (Ukraine):
    Enhancing the Quality of Public Service Delivery
  •   Fellow Activities and Publications

    Liliana Proskuryakova has produced numerous new publications and participated on training program in OSI Budapest.
    Over the last months Tetyana Kovtun carried out a training for top civil servants in the government of Ukraine on quality management in public service delivery.
    Marina Sokolova has produced numerous new publications.
    Pavel Bayov has a new publication on religion in Russia.

      2005 Working Groups

    2005 Working Group Summary
    Wider Europe
    Open Muslim Societies
    Open Society Threats
    Combating Organized Crime
    Transparency and Accountability
    Higher Education Reform
    Public Health and Roma
    Policymaking in Transition
      2006 Working Groups

    2006 Working Group Summary
    Wider Europe
    Open Muslim Societies
    Open Society Threats
    Resource Curse
    Roma Exclusion
    Open Information Policy April 2006