IPF   Tetyana Kovtun
Enhancing the Quality of Public Service Delivery
Context and background
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Local Government & Public Service Reform Initiative
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Quality Management - Ukraine
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Firms and Public Service Provision
Diffusion of Policy-Making Authority
Improving Public Service
Quality Concept of Public Services
Public Service in Transition
 Project objectives
  • to develop a methodology, management framework and guidelines for implementing quality management standards in Ukraine’s public administration;
  • write a research paper and 20-page policy study in coordination with group advisor;
  • conduct an awareness campaign and provide policy recommendations for implementing quality management in public administration for key governmental officials from the ministries and other central governmental agencies (the Chief of the Main Civil Service Department who will provide recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine).
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    Over the last months Tetyana Kovtun carried out a training for top civil servants in the government of Ukraine on quality management in public service delivery.
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