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Context and background
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Human Rights Education
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Higher Education Reform in the Balkans
Higher Education Reform in Montenegro
Bologna Process in Serbia
University Strategy for implementing Bologna
Bibliography on the Balkans and Higher Education
Western Balkans Education and Higher Education Policy
 Project objectives
  • Cataloguing all potential stakeholders of Bologna Declaration and distinguishing possible allies from hard opponents of the Bologna declaration and Bologna-tailored higher education legislation in Serbia and surrounding countries
  • Collecting, examining and presenting all reasons supporting the Bologna movement in the Higher Education Area
  • Minimizing the possible unfavorable consequences of the Bologna movement by exposing all existing and imaginable criticisms to counter-arguments
  • Mobilizing the broadest possible coalition for Bologna movement, as well as encouraging supporters and discouraging opponents of this movement and creating a list of guidelines for the Serbian and other lawmakers
  • in coordination with group advisor write a research paper and a 20-page policy study, as well as a Model Law for the Serbian Parliament that meets local needs while encompassing aspirations that could provide references and guidelines for neighboring countries.
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    Gašo Kneževic will be visiting Budapest in April 2006 in connection to his IPF fellowship research and his links to Corvinus University.
    The IPF policy paper expected in April 2006.
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    2005 Working Group Summary
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    Open Society in Former SU
    Open Society and Muslims
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    2006 Working Group Summary
    Wider Europe
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    Open Society Threats
    Resource Curse
    Roma Exclusion
    Open Information Policy

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