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Project Timetable


1. April 1, 2005

Project start date

2. Mid-April, 2005             

Preparing and distributing of the  Questionnaire to the prominent persons and institutions in selected countries. 

3. End May 2005

Collecting of feedback forms

4. Beginning of June 2005

Visit to University of Athens – collecting of experience on management of huge universities centers.                                                            

5.  Mid-June 2005

Trip to Ljubljana and Zagreb:  interviewing relevant persons,  officials and universities’ staff.                                               

6. End of June 2005

Optional trip to Sussex (UK) - collecting experience on management of huge universities centers.                                                 

7. Mid-September 2005

Trip to Sarajevo for interviewing the relevant persons, officials and universities staff;         

Interim reports: activity report, interim report research outline, financial report.                                

8. End of September 2005

Trip to Bucharest and Sofia (interviews)

9. End of October 2005

Trip to Skopje (interviews)

10. January – March 2006

Submission of the final activity report and draft final Policy paper. 

11. July 2006

Submission of the Final Activity Report and final Research Paper. 

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