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Security policy and illegal migration including trafficking  in human beings

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Project Overview

The focus of proposed project is security issue with the focus of human trafficking and illegal migration from Ukraine. Human Trafficking is a growing transnational criminal phenomenon. Increased economic globalization and privatization has resulted in an increased feminization of poverty, forcing greater numbers of women worldwide to migrate in search of work. Many of these migrants end up as victims of illegal and unscrupulous trafficking networks. The problem of trafficking remains too narrowly defined in many countries and that the social, employment and migration aspects of trafficking are too often ignored.

  The objectives of the current project are:
  • To collect data including on the character and scale of trafficking and the trafficking and exploitation mechanisms deployed by the organized criminal groups.
  • To develop better indicators of human trafficking which help to improve the data sharing among all relevant institution;
  • Specifies and updates the meaning of the term "sexual exploitation" "border crossing", "consent", or "systematic" and "organized group", differences between "human trafficking" and "smuggling".
  • Clearly define what is to be understood by "trafficking in person". It refers to a certain number of offenses included in the Criminal Code which are a component of trafficking in person.
  • Determine the impact of human trafficking, including both the profits made and the role of trafficking in the underground economy. Development of a good perception and analysis of factors that creates a social and cultural "climate" favorable to exploitation and disregard of individuals' human rights.

Dr. Olga Pyshchulina is a Senior Research Fellow of  Department  of Economic and Social Strategies of the National Institute of Strategic Studies. She is a Ukrainian expert on trafficking, illegal migration and women issues in the Ukraine. Dr. Pyshchulina received her undergraduate degree (cum laude) from Kharkov State University in Economics. She holds a PhD in Sociology from the Kharkov National University. She is the recipient of a Contemporary Issue Program (administrated by IREX) under a State Department grant, the DAAD grant, Fulbright New Century Scholars Program, IPF (Open Society Institute) and others.


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