project timetable



Description of Activities

March, 2005

Preparation period

Revised research proposals submitted

April, 2005

IPF Seminar, Budapest

 Thematic Research Group Discussion,

- Introductions (including the IPF/CPS staff)

- Comments on the revised research proposals

- Discussion of “cooperation documents”

- Discussion of potential group output in the form of policy papers

May, 2005

Initial  Issue Paper preparation

  Picking relevant statistical information:

- Meeting with Ukrainian low enforcements authorities, border guards, MPs, NGOs;

- Book, magazine and official document review;

- Questionnaire formulation.

June, 2005

Initial  Issue Paper post on the Website

  Field research:

- Survey in the key Ukrainian regions: Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv, Ternopol, Kiev (sampling – 800 respondents)

- Book, magazine and official document review

July, 2005

 Field research:

- In deep interview with regional low enforcements authorities and border guards (appr. 50 )

- Book, magazine and official document review.

August, 2005

Survey data processing (SPSS)

- Preparing statistical information

September 1



September 20, 2005

Submit the activity reports and research outlines to

listerves and group advisors for Interim Report

Interim reports for IPF


October, 2005

Local stakeholder meetings

roup correspondence continue


November, 2005

Research data processing


December, 2005

Analytical assessment 

Research result publication, research results discussion

January 15-31, 2006

Analytical assessment 

20-page Policy Study paper preparation

February, 2006

Second meeting of the working groups with an advocacy focus involving relevant OSI network and foundation colleagues.


Final research paper preparation, policy recommendation

March 20, 2006

Preparation final activity reports and final research papers to the working group listserves


Early April


April 20, 2006

Training III

Final  report


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