Lack of Transparency and Freedom of Information in Pakistan: An analysis of government’s functioning and realistic policy options for reform



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Table of Contents Research Paper



Research Paper

1. Introduction

1.1.  Problem statement;

1.2.  Significance;

1.3.  Review of literature;

1.4.  Research questions;

1.5.  Methodology;

1.6.  Structure of the paper.

2. Legal and Institutional Framework for Transparency and Access to Information

2.1. Colonial Legacy (until 1947)

2.2. Legal and Institutional Situation (1947-1990);

2.3. Contemporary Developments and Trends (1990-2005);

2.4. Nature and Direction of Change (analysis of supportive/inhibitive factors).

3. State of Transparency and Access to Information

3.1. Proactive disclosure;

3.2. Access to information;

3.3. Limitations and problems confronted by departments; and

3.4. Limitations and problems faced by civil society groups and communities.

4.  Implications of Lack of Transparency and Access to Informarion

4.1. Inefficiencies and corruption;

4.2. Non-conducive environment for citizens’ participation;

4.3. Political development (e.g. uninformed electoral choices; poor performance   of legislators in executive oversight);

4.4. Economic development (e.g. constraints for investors)

5. Understanding Recent Policy Initiatives for Reform

5.1. Demand/ pressures for reform (e.g. donors, civil society);

5.2. Resistance to change (e.g. vast sections of establishment);

5.3. Nature and process of policy initiatives in the given political-institutional environment;

5.4. Gaps and problems in policy making process.

6. Implementation and Impact of Recent Reform Initiatives

6.1. Increased Proactive Disclosure;

6.2. Greater Media Freedom;

6.3. Article 137 (i.e. on ’Transparency’) in Local Government Ordinance 2001;

6.4. Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002;

6.5. Rules for Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002;

6.6. Other measures promoting transparency.

7.      Conclusions

8.      Bibliography