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Enhancing the Quality of Public Service Delivery through Implementing Quality Management in Public Administration





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Commitments of the Ukrainian government made during Orange Revolution put pressure to invest in improving the performance of the public sector. In order to meet the rising expectations of the society, public administration has to become more business like. That is why public administration, in its process of improvement, should introduce some solutions from the private sector regarding customer service, external communication, innovation, process improvement, human resource management, internal communication, and motivation to provide high quality of services. The ultimate aim is to achieve tangible improvements in the quality of public services delivered to citizens.

Quality management has been used in public sector in a number of countries. In Ukraine, as the government is searching for ways to increase efficient of its public administration and to improve service delivery, quality management can offer solutions.


The objective of this fellowship project is twofold: 1) Developing a methodology, management framework and guidelines for implementing quality management in public administration; 2) Carry out policy campaign on benefits of quality management.