Participation in Poverty Reduction

IPF fellowship (2005-2006)

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    Initial Issue Paper

    Initial Advocacy and Work Plan

    Interim Activity Report

   IPF Research Paper

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Continuing fellowship (2007-2008)

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IPF related research

        I.      Background paper on structural adjustment and poverty alleviation in Pakistan

      II.      CSO review of the PRSP in Pakistan

    III.      Devolution and the PRSP in Pakistan

Other relevant documents/articles

concerning the PRSP

         i.      The Politics of Development Aid: Implications for Pakistan (paper in Oxford Univ. Press publication)

       ii.      Evaluating development impacts

(newspaper article)

      iii.      Another development strategy for Pakistan (newspaper article)

      iv.      Revision of the PRSP (newspaper article)

Clips from ‘Developing Pakistan’ (a satellite television talk-show)

         Promotional clip

         Discussion on the PRSP (Clip 1 &

Clip 2)

 Voice of America’s (VOA) Urdu Service discussions on the PRSP (Audio clips)

         Clip of 1st VOA Roundtable on the PRSP in Pakistan

         Audio clip of 2nd VOA Roundtable on the PRSP in Pakistan

Other VOA excerpts (Audio clips)

1. Clip of comments on conserving water in Pakistan

2. Clip of comments on managing basic health in Pakistan

3. Clip of comments on environmental management by local governments in Pakistan

4. Clip of comments on quality of primary education in Pakistan

VOA Roundtable (Audio clip)

         Roundtable discussion on water situation in Pakistan


My International Policy Fellowship research has been undertaken with support from the Open Society Institute in Budapest.

During the first phase of my fellowship (April 2005 to August 2006), I focused on the issue of 'Participation in the process of developing Pakistan's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper' (PRSP). The specific objectives of this research were as follows:

        To improve the quality of analysis, highlight lessons learned, and to provide recommendations to enhance ownership of international development initiatives

        Encourage greater participation in poverty alleviation through means feasible both for the Pakistan Government (Ministry of Finance and other relevant ministries), its donors (World Bank and other multilateral and bilateral donors), and the public at large

        To identify means to facilitate participation for ensuring country ownership and greater effectiveness of international development efforts to alleviate poverty, particularly with reference to the PRSP

Subsequently, I have been granted a Continuing Fellowship by the IPF (August 2007 to 2008) to examine the issue of how land tenancy arrangements are being influenced by the PRSP process.

(Most of my research findings pertaining to the PRSP process are accessible from the column on the left side of this web-site)







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Introducing the PRSP to a plenary, and some other sessions


Glimpses from a strategic visioning workshop on devolution at LEAD House in Islamabad (March 2006)


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