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Strengthening tobacco policy development in Hungary


I have been selected one of the fellows of the 2003 International Policy Fellowships program sponsored by the Open Society Institute.

This year the Open Society Institute, recognising the immense burden tobacco poses to democracies in transition of Central and Eastern Europe, decided to award fellows who could contribute to or strengthen tobacco control efforts in their countries. As member of the tobacco control fellows' group my project is aimed at reviewing and strengthening tobacco control policy development in Hungary.

The project aims not only at reviewing past Hungarian tobacco control policies, of changes of the tobacco control policy environment and at providing a critical analysis of  steps already taken, but also at outlining viable tobacco policy alternatives for the future, in the light of recommendations of the WHO's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, adopted unanimously by the World Health Assembly on May 21, 2003. By the date of conclusion of the project -- March 2004 -- a policy paper on further tobacco control initiatives will be elaborated and submitted to the relevant department of the health ministry as well as to the parliamentary committee on health.


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