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Development & Transition

Why some societies are poor while others are rich? Why is prosperity concentrated in a few areas of the globe, as you can see here? How come that we reached to such a situation in just a few centuries, since not long ago most human communities were more or less in the same state of (under)development? This course is an introduction to the classic debate on the sources and factors of prosperity, with a focus on the theories and instruments for development promotion, as they were formalized after WWII. The last part discusses the specific case of the former communist countries after 1990.


Local policy

This course is an introduction to local government issues in 10 steps. It is not a description of institutions, but an overview of the logic of local government functioning, centered in the process of decentralization. The course realies heavily on case studies and in-class practical applications, such as the local tax simulations and investment analysis. All the bibliography and teaching materials are available to the registered students at the beginning of the course on a CD.

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