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With the World Bank Vicepresident for Europe and Asia, Shigeo Katsu, inspecting a small infrastructure project in Romania
During a TA mission on local taxation reform in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina

Object of study: uncontrolled urban development

Consultancy work

·        Member of the Directory Board of the Romanian Social Development Fund (FRDS, joint domestic-World Bank development agency for poor communities in Romania)

·        Consultant with the World Bank for the Public Expenditure Review in Romania, in charge with assessing the absorption capacity of EU funds before and after 2007 (2005-2006)

·      Consultant with the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship for the IESED (Integrating Employment, Skills & Economic Development) case study in Romania

·      Consultant for the joint World Bank-RTI conference on Financial Decentralization and Education with a case study on the Romanian experience – Washington DC (Jan 2005)

·       Consultant with LGI Budapest for the SEE Stability Pact Conference, with a fiscal decentralization report on Romania presented in Zagreb, Oct 2004.

·       Consultant with the GRASP program of USAID in Romania – expertize on local government issues

·       Consultant with the World Bank, Washington DC; assist the international team in designing and negotiating with the Romanian Government the Programmatic Adjustment Loan (PAL) – focus on public sector reform, decentralization and infrastructure (2003-04)

·        Senior consultant with Diason Consulting and BDO Conti Audit for assessing various institutional assistance packages in Romania (2003-04):

o        the British (Dfid) assistance program between 1999-2003, with a focus on labor reconversion, small local infrastructure and microgrants;

o        the Dutch assistance program 2001-2003: development and institutional reform projects;

o        the Ricop program (part of PHARE - labor reconversion and training, small local infrastructure and social services) 2002-2003: in charge with the impact assessment

·        Romanian rapporteur for the Stability Index program (country assessment score) developed by Eurasia Group&Lehman Brothers (2004)

·        Co-ordinator of the sub-program Assisting Serbian partner NGOs in lobbying for a FOIA Bill, by replicating the Slovak, Bulgarian and Romanian experience; the program is initiated by SAR, financed by Freedom House and conducted in cooperation with the Center for Policy Studies, Belgrade.

·        Consultant with the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), a think tank, in the program Local Government Assistance (LGA) financed by USAID, 2002.

·        Evaluator with the EU Delegation for the grant-giving program Phare 2000, 2001

·        Consultant with UNDP Chisinau for the program Capacity Building at the Local Level in the Republic of Moldova (July 2001)

·        Consultant with the World Bank Mission, Bucharest, for assessing the implementation of the Rural Development Program (RDP) in Romania (2000).

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