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Sabit Bagirov

Azerbaijan: problems of good governance in extractive industries and mechanisms of effective public monitoring





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 The objectives of the research are:

§      search of weak places in management of oil revenues which raise risk of a poor control of oil incomes (to the analysis to undergo: laws, decisions of the government, oil contracts);

§      development of recommendations for the government and parliament on elimination of weak places in management;

§      analyzing the potential and capabilities of the civil society (namely, NGOs and mass media) to monitor the government’s activity/inactivity;

§      preparing recommendations to improve the potential and capacity of the civil society.



    The Azerbaijan Republic is located in the eastern part of the South Caucasus (Appendix 1). Its territory covers 86,600 square kilometers and is located between 44° and 52° East longitude, and 38° and 42° North latitude.         

     Azerbaijan borders on Russia in the north (390 km), Georgia in the north-east (480 km), Armenia in the west (1007 km), Iran in the south (765 km), Turkey in the south-west (15 km), while in the east it is washed by the Caspian Sea. (for more information see Research Paper, pages 16-19 )


Oil contracts of Azerbaijan (for more information see Research Paper, pages 20-41)


Risk factors associated with ineffective management of resources (for more information see Research Paper, pages 53-61)


Transparency initiative and its role in reducing the risk of loss (for more information see Research Paper, pages 83-93)



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