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Inese Voika                                                         

Inese Voika is the founder and current president of DELNA - the Latvian branch of Transparency International.

She is an investigative journalist and professor at the Latvian University and graduated from Latvian University in 1998 in Communications Science.

Since 1998, Transparency International Latvia has become one of the most visible non-profit organisations in Latvia and a flagship of Latvia's civil society. Among its activities are monitoring of privatisation of large state-owned companies, campaign for party finance reform, projects promoting freedom of information and transparency of public procurement Ms Voika has conducted training on behalf of the World Bank, OECD, IREX and other Western institutions in post-communist countries.

She is the author of Who Stole The Three Millions, a book featuring her investigation of a large scale corruption case in Latvia.

Ms. Voika also published a number of studies on corruption issues. She has been active in the international work of TI, serving on several committees (Governance, Accreditation , executive director Selection Committee) and contributing to the strategy planning of TI.

She has presented TI' work in different international conferences throughout her years with TI in the Central and Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

Inese Voika was awarded IPF Fellowship for the term of  2004/2005.

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