Strategies for Better Policy Making in Central Government
Katarina Staronova
2002 International Policy Fellow
2003 Continuing International Policy Fellow
Central European University and Center for Policy Studies at Open Society Institute

Research Topic:
Cultural Change into Professional Policy Making: The Case of Slovakia

Executive Summary:
The policy-making culture in Slovakia and the whole Central and Eastern Europe has a traditional, predominantly legalistic nature with only little or no access of public / independent experts into policy development. One of the prerequisites of a democratic and well functioning society is effective public administration with a more professional policy making culture. This kind of policy culture is one in which a variety of analytical tools and policy instruments are applied to make and implement relevant, inclusive and high quality public policies, where public is consulted and actively involved into policy formulation, where development, monitoring and evaluation tools are in use, where strategic and project management skills are applied and where the whole process of policy making is transparent. The objectives of the project is to analyze in a case study the existing organizational and institutional arrangements as well as the practice of policy making in Slovakia, analyze the relationship between the current status of policymaking culture and desired models of the public policy process in light of good governance, highlight the risks and opportunities in promoting and realizing such cultural change and write a research and policy paper on the strategies for the development of professional policy making.

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Final Research Paper (pdf file)
"Analysis of the Policy Making Process in Slovakia"

  Final Policy Paper (pdf. file)
"Recommendations for the Improvement of the
Policy Making Process in Slovakia

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