This research is supported by the expertise and inspiration of Dr. Paul Stubbs, Bristish/Croatian social policy and peacebuilding researcher and Tea Skokic, Croatian feminist anthropologist.


Dr. Paul Stubbs is a British sociologist who combines research, consultancy and activism. He has lived and worked in Croatia since 1993. His main interests include: social development and peacebuilding, civil society, social policy and social exclusion in post-Yugoslav countries. Paul Stubbs has conducted a series of external evaluations for DRPPD in Slovenia, Care Intrenational, Save the Children (UK), DfID, Youth Center B-H, Human Rights Office B-H, QPSW, UNICEF and UNDP. He is a member of a research team on Globalism and Social Policy at the University of Sheffield, UK and STAKES, Helsinki, Finland. Currently he is focused on the planning and implementation of partnerships in the social sector in Croatia, B-H and Serbia. In his more recent articles, Stubbs researches relationship between local memories and global consultancy and advice regimes from an anthropological perspective. His cutting-edge research work in the area of peacebuilding and social policy in the post-Yugoslav context and his superb mentoring competence make Stubbs an ideal mentor of this research project.


Tea Skokic is a Croatian feminist anthropologist researcher at the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb and an affiliate of the Center of Women’s Studies, Zagreb. In her research and educational work she has focused on the changing identities of women in the context of war; contemporary theoretical and practical redefinitions of gender; development of women’s movements in Croatia and the region and changes of cultural codes related to youth subcultures. Her methodological competence in qualitative field research, familiarity with both academic and activist research and understanding of cultural implications of transition processes are reasons for which I have asked her to provide mentoring support to this reserach project.