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Pakistani Madrassahs: Consequences for Democracy and Free Society: Some Public Policy Options

The objectives of the project are:


The proliferation of Madrassahs or Islamist schools in much of the Muslim World has been noted with particular consternation following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. The linkage between radical Islamic education and militant behavior against Western interests, has led development agencies and governments to focus their resources on educational reform. It is believed that Pakistanís religious Islamic schools--Madrassahs, play a critical role in sustaining domestic sectarian terrorism and regional militant movements.

The provincial governments in provinces controlled by religious parties are opposed to regulation of Madrassahs, and want them to be treated as NGOs or community based initiatives for religious education. They even propose more public funds, and less regulation, for development of Madrassahs. These political developments have important bearings for the public policy on Madrassahs. Challenge is that no scientific empirically research study of Madrassahs in available, this project intends to bridge this gap. The study will analyze the issue and help formulate politically possible strategy/Policy on the reform of Madrassah system.
The main objective of the study is to help policy makers understand this very important issue, and facilitate effective policy toward addressing the problem. The final project output would be a monograph/Research study addressing different facets of Madrassah issue.
After a multi-dimensional analysis of the complex and complicated issue, this policy based research, can make recommendations in the realm of economic, political, social and security policy, so that it helps in addressing the problem and its allied manifestations effectively

2004 Fellowship


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