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 Policy Study on Combating Curses in the Mining Sector for Tanzania

The Policy Study Sought Answers From the Following Questions: - Why Crisis in the Tanzanite industry? Why and How Tanzanite was plunged into Al Qaeda Link Controversy? Was it really Linked with Al Qaeda or Were Just Tricks by Individuals with Vested Interests? If yes, which are those interests? To What Extent Does Poor Governance in Handling Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Contributing into Cursing Tanzanite Gemstone and Mining Sector at Large? Which Policy Measures Have Had been Taken Previously to Restrain those Curses? Is There Any Positive Change? If Yes, Which? If not, Why? Then, Which Policy Options are Feasible in Addressing Curses in the Mining Sector for Tanzania? Finally; How to Go About in Setting an Agenda for Reversing the State of Affairs? Read this policy study and then take part in the on-going advocacy for change!

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