Assoc. Prof., Dr.




International Policy Fellow, 2003-2004


Center for Policy Studies


(Affiliated with the Open Society Institute and the Central European University)






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Assoc. Prof., Dr. Ruben Safrastyan is Director of Department of Turkish Studies at Institute of Oriental Studies, Armenian National Academy of Sciences. He is also Appointed Professor at the "Acharyan" University.


In the past, he served as a Counselor of the Armenian Embassy in Germany and was the Deputy Director of the Department of Political Analysis for the Office of the President of Armenia.


Ruben Safrastyan's current research interests focus on the problems of Turkish politics and ideology, Armenian-Turkish interstate relations, as well as problems of genesis of genocide.


During last years he has received Humboldt (Germany), Fulbright (USA), and International Policy (Hungary) fellowships and conducted researches at the universities of Bochum and Berkeley.


His most recent publications include books: "It Is Impossible To Set Up Barriers Between Neighbors in the XXI Century...": Armenia and Turkey in Regional Developments (2003); Proto-genocide: Problems of Theory and History (2005, forthcoming) and articles: "Turkey and Eurasia in the Aftermath of the September 11 Tragedy: Some Observations on Geopolitics and Foreign Policy", Caucasus and Central Asia Newsletter: The Caucasus and Central Asia Program at the University of California, Berkeley, 2001; "The Armenian-Turkish Relations: An Attempt of Theoretical Interpretation from the Standpoints of the Realistic School", Directions of the Armenian Foreign Policy: Collection of Articles, 2002; "On the Ideological Substantiation of Turkey's Regional Policy: Concept of Eurasia", The South Caucasus: Regional Security and Stability, 2004; "The Return of  'Grey Wolves': Conservative Party in Turkish Politics (1983-1985)", The Countries and Peoples of the Near and Middle East. Vol. XXIII, 2004; The Significance of the Armenian-Turkish Border, Armenia-Turkey: Open Conversation (2005).


Ruben Safrastyan is editor of "The Turkish and Ottoman Studies", Yerevan.