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current project:The representation of women in the Polish parliament: exising problems, possible developments and advocated solutions" (June 2001)

future project extension: The impact of EU integration on developing gender policy in the accession countries (Poland, Hungary, Slovenia)
  Draft policy paper (please note that this is a working version, do not quote without permission)

The focus on women's representation and the focus on Poland remains central to my project. However, following the evaluation of electoral polictics it will be very important to assess the changes in gender policy after the elections in Poland in September 2001. Comparative examples should also be included and impact of women's organisations should be evaluated.
Finally, the most vital aspect of any changes in gender policy in Poland and in some other East European countries is the accession to the European Union and it should be assessed. Therefore, the project should develop in three issue areas/stages:
1. The representation of women in parliament: impact of electoral politics, party politics, women's organisations.
2. The assessment of gender policy in Poland a year after the elections.
3. Future trends and changes in gender policy: the impact of EU integration.

The results of my work, reports and links will be uploaded on this page during the fellowship year. Some pages are available already.

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