Razvan Sebastian Stan

Managing Illegal Labour Migration from Eastern Europe to the European Union.
The Case of Romanian Migrant Workers

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Here is an abstract of my project:

This project aims to provide a qualitative understanding of the causes, means and effects of illegal labour migration through a pilot study in a high-rate Romanian sending region, and to integrate the findings in a set of informed policy recommendation at central and local level for a better management of illegal migration. Particularly, it aims to promote practical solutions for the decrease of people trafficking and smuggling phenomena.

Here are some key objectives that I hope to achieve:

  • To asses the successes and failures of central and local initiatives to control illegal migration;
  • To identify the  push and pull factors that contribute to illegal migration of Romanian workers, based on an in-depth case study;
  • To uncover the routes, structure, dynamics and methods of several illegal migration networks in order to inform prevention and awareness-raising efforts;
  • To formulate informed policy recommendations and to disseminate them to relevant stakeholders and environments in order to stimulate reflection, debate and public pressure on the illegal migration issues.

updated 01 May 2006  located at www.policy.hu/razvan