International Policy Fellowship 2003                                                                Gender and Education Policy in Pakistan
 Girlís Education: A Lifeline to Development

Brief Project Description:
The objectives of the project are to conduct a situational analysis of the impact of education on the life of Pakistani women in light of low participation rates of women in education; critically assess the Pakistani governmentís gender dimension in primary education policies; contribute to the dissemination of knowledge on how education adds to quality of life; develop a database to promote the notion that a sound base of facts should replace the common use of beliefs as a foundation for formulating education policies; gain fresh insights in advance practices through comparative studies and develop a framework  for Pakistanís Affirmative Plan of Action; and write a research and policy paper for the Ministries of Education, Women and Information, National Commission on the Status of Women, international development organizations, human rights groups and NGOs engaged in gender and education development programs.

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