International Policy Fellowships 
 The International Policy Fellowships (IPF) program was launched in April 1998 as a program of the Open Society Institute-Budapest to identify and nurture the next generation  of open society leaders in the countries of the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, and Mongolia. IPF joined forces with the Center for Policy Studies when it was  established in late 1999 and began offering training to Policy Fellows to develop their capacity to write professional policy documents, identify appropriate policy instruments,  and effectively advocate policies–skills that remain underdeveloped in countries where the Soros foundations work.
Center for Policy Studies
 Launched in late 1999, the Center for Policy Studies (CPS) of the Central European University works with a broadening circle of policy analysts and institutions to promote the  development of policy center networks throughout Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, and other countries of interest to the Soros foundations  network including Egypt, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran and other countries of Middle East. The Center undertakes policy research and advocacy that furthers the open society mission and disseminates quality analyses in accessible formats
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