Name:                          KORKA Mihai

Date of birth:                14-th of September 1946

Place of birth:              Lugoj, Romania

Nationality:                   Romanian

Marital status:               Married, one daughter


Office address:             Academia de Studii Economice

                                    Piata Romana nr.6,

                                    70167 Bucharest

                                    Tel: + 40 21 211 85 25 or +40 21 211 26 50 / 383

                                    Fax: +40 21 312 95 49 or +40 21 211 46 53

                                    E mail: korka_mihai @


Home address:              Str. Cercelus nr. 52,

 bloc 10-11, sc. A, ap.24

                                    74328 Bucharest


                                    Tel: +40 21 326 63 31



-         Graduate of the Foreign Trade Faculty (1969), Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. Thesis title: Foreign Trade and International Cooperation between Romania and the Federal Republic of Germany.

-         Doctor in economics (1975) at the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest. Thesis title: Statistical Methods of Analyzing Invisible Trade.

-         Certificate of the Economic University in Vienna/Austria (1993) for professors specializing in SMEs and entrepreneurial economics.


Spoken languages:      - French, English, German in an active way

- Spanish, Italian in acceptable manner


Fields of excellence:     - Statistics;

- International economy;

- Macroeconomics;

- SMEs and entrepreneurship;

- University management;

- Academic assessment of research and training projects.



-         Full time professor in Applied Statistics in International Business, Department of Statistics and Economic Forecasting. Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest.

-         Accredited supervisor of doctoral studies in International Business Management.


Other professional activities:

-         Since 1992, member of the International Association of French Speaking Economists in Paris, France.

-         Academic Director  (1993-1996) of the Graduate School of Management in Bucharest (Canadian MBA Programme).

-         Since 1994, member of the Board of Directors of the Foundation for International Management FIMAM.

-          Visiting Professor of the University of Orleans, France (1997) and of the University of Bucharest (2001): Courses taught: Economics of Transition in Central and East European Countries

-         Research fellow (1995-1997) of the Phare-ACE Programme. Project title: “Emerging Entrepreneurs in Romania and Bulgaria”.

-         Member of the editorial advisory board of the “Journal of Small Business Management” issued by the College of Business and Economics in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA (1997-2000)


-         More than 120 titles (books, studies, articles) published in Romania and abroad (Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal).

-         More than 80 presence in scientific seminars, conferences and congress both in Romania and abroad (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Luxembourg, Morocco, Portugal, Switzerland, Tunisia, United States of America, Vietnam)



Attachment: Administrative positions, academic assessment expertise and research activity in the field of higher education


Administrative positions

-         Vice-Rector of the Academy of Economic Studies from Bucharest, Romania in charge for international relations  (1992 – 1996)

-         General Director within the Romanian Ministry of Education responsible for the higher education sector (January – March 1998)

-         Secretary of State for higher education within the Romanian Ministry of Education and PAO in the RO-9061 Phare Programme for the Higher Education Reform in Romania (March 1998 – February 1999)

-         Senior advisor to the Minister of Education for the Romanian Higher Education Reform (March 1999 – December 2000)


Activities as an academic expert:

-         Since 1992, academic assessor of the European Foundation, Turin and local expert of the Romanian National TEMPUS Office (1992 – 2001) performing site-visits, project evaluations and/or synthesis reports referring to trans-European projects for tertiary education and their impact on the university management both in Romania and abroad (the Baltic States, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia)

-         Romanian consultant in a CME TEMPUS Project of the Higher Education National Council for Financing referring to Quality Assurance in Romanian Universities (1999-2000)

-         Chief Romanian expert in the negotiation process of Chapter 18 on Education, Training an Youth, aiming the future accession of Romania in the European Union (November 1999 – April 2000)

-         Keynote Speaker at the Fourth Conference of the European Ministers of Education on Social Cohesion and Quality – a Challenge for Education, held in Bucharest, 18 – 20 June 2000.

-         Member of the EC Working Group of Experts on Lifelong Learning Indicators.

Research outcomes:


-         Statistics on Higher Education 1980-1985: A Study of Data on Higher Education and Research from Countries of the Europe Region (in English), Bucharest, UNESCO European Center for Higher Education, 1989 (co-author).

-         Aspects of the Global Financing of Universities. (In Romanian). Bucharest, Center for Public Policy, 1999 (co-author).

-         Strategy and Action in the Education Reform in Romania Romanian version published in Bucharest by Punct Publishing House. English Version published in Bucharest by Paideia Publishing House, 2000.

-         The Funding of Higher Education. Current Trends. (In Romanian), Bucharest, RAO Publishing House, 2001 (co-author).

Articles and studies:

-         Financial autonomy of universities. In “Guide of University Management”, Bucharest, Alternative Publishing House, 1998

-         Extra-budgetary funding of Higher Education Institutions. In “Guide of University Management”, Bucharest, Alternative Publishing House, 1998

-         Ethnical Segregation is not suitable in the Romanian Higher education. “Curierul National”nr.2258/11 .08.1998

-         For a Cross-cultural Dialogue. “Academica Review” nr.11 (95) from September 1998

-         Achievements and Expectations in the Romanian Higher Education Reform. “Adevarul” nr. 2843/28.07.1999

-         Contemporary Universities Respond to the Challenges of the Outside World by Means of Various Institutional Structures (in Romanian and in English). In “Review of International Comparative Management”, Bucharest, nr. 1/2000.

-         Transition Reform in the Romanian Higher Education. In “Re-launching Economic Growth in Romania”, Bucharest, Economica Publishing House, 2000

-         The Romanian Higher Education under Reform. In “Transition and Reform”, Bucharest, Economica Publishing House, 2001.


Papers Presented in Conferences/Seminars on Higher Education:

-         Reforming Romanian Higher Education Institutions. Seminar organized by the Romanian National TEMPUS Office, Bucharest, May 1998.

-         Insights on the Scientific Research Developed in Romanian Universities in the Transition Years. IREX Seminar on Perspectives of the Research in East European Universities, Vienna, June 1998.

-         The New Financing System of Romanian Universities. Conference organized by the World Bank and the Open Society Institute, Budapest, June 1998.

-         The Higher Education Financing Process. The Danube Rectors’ Conference, Cluj-Napoca, September 1998.

-         Gestion financière de l’université sous la reforme. UNESCO World Conference “The Higher Education in the 21 st Century. Vision and Action”. Paris, October 1998.

-         University Management within the Interaction between University and Its Environment. TEMPUS international Conference on “Universities and their Social and Economical Environment”, Brasov, November 1998.

-         Objectives and Resources in a Strategic Plan of Institutional Development. Phare Seminar on the Reform of University Management, Sinaia, November 1998.

-         Regional Networking of Universities in the Context of Global Development. Round-Table of the Representatives of the Black See Universities’ Network, Bucharest, December 1998

-         Reform in Progress in the Romanian Tertiary Education. USIA International Visitor Program on “Administration of the Higher Education in the United States, Denver, CO., April 1999

-         L’enseignement supérieur roumain: repères historiques, panorama actuel, principes et directions de la reforme. Regional Conference of the Francophone Universities from Eastern and Central Europe organized by AUPELF-UREF, Bucharest, 31 March – 1 April 1999.

-         University Reform and the Needs of the Labor Market. Inter-departmental Debate organized with the support of the Phare Program on the Higher Education Reform in Romania, Sinaia, June 1999.

-         Higher Education for Ethnic Minorities in Romania. OSCE Review Conference, Vienna, September 1999.

-         Social Cohesion and Quality – a Challenge for European Education. Keynote Speech to the Fourth Conference of the European Ministers of Education. Bucharest, June 2000.

-         TEMPUS and the Reform. Final Conference of the Romanian National TEMPUS Office. Bucharest, October 2001.