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Open Information Policy Fellows make headlines

25 May 2007

Together with the OSI Information Programs, International Policy Fellows in South Africa, India and Uganda are leading advocacy efforts promoting developing country access to scientific and scholarly information online.

Scientists and policymakers including IPF fellows Eve Gray, Prashant Iyengar, and Dick Kawooya agreed upon guidelines for promoting open access for developing countries at an OSI-sponsored workshop in Bangalore, India. In addition, fellow Yaman Akdeniz is continuing his project on internet governance in Turkey, which earned him an invitation by the Prime Ministry of Turkey to discuss issues related to the modernization of Turkey's policy processes with senior civil servants. His fellowship report Internet Governance: Toward the Modernization of the Policymaking Process in Turkey, published by the Turkish Informatics Society, attracted significant media coverage and public debate. Open Information Policy studies and further information about the projects are available from individual fellow project pages and the CPS Policy Documentation Center.

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