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I am professor of political science and sociology at SNSPA (National University of Political Studies, Bucharest), Faculty of Political Science, and director of the MA Program in Labour Studies, at SNSPA.

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Announcements (for the students in the classes that I teach at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies SNSPA - Political Science and Sociology Department):

Courses' syllabi (in Romanian) - click on the academic years below for syllabi example.

Varieties of Capitalism (graduate lecture course since 2013 to present) with e-learning support.

Comparative Labour Relations (graduate lecture course since 2013 to present) with e-learning support.

Data Analysis Methods (graduate lecture course since 2015 to present) with e-learning support.

Comparative Politics (Politica Comparata) (undergraduate seminar taught since 2001 to present) with e-learning support. 2013-2014.

Statistics for Social Sciences (Statistica Sociala) (undergraduate lecture course taught since 2006 to present) with e-learning support. 2012-2013.

Sociology of Interest Groups (Sociologia Grupurilor de Interese) (graduate lecture course since 2006 to present) with e-learning support. 2012- 2013.

Comparative Constitutional Law (Drept Constitutional Comparat) (undergraduate and graduate), e-learning class: 2012.

Applied Comparative Politics (Analiza Politica Comparata) (undergraduate lecture course) 2009; e-learning class: 2012.

Social conflict and change in post-communist Romania (Schimbare si Conflict Social in Romania Post-Comunista) (undergraduate seminar): 2010-2011.

Advanced Statistics for Social Sciences (Statistica Sociala Avansata) (undergraduate lecture course) 2007-2008.

Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences (Metode Calitative in Stiintele Sociale) (undergraduate lecture course) 2006-2007.

Analysis of Political Parties (Analiza Partidelor Politice) (undergraduate lecture course taught between 2002 and 2006) 2005-2006.

Basic Concepts in Political Science (Concepte Fundamentale in Stiinta Politica) (undergraduate seminar) 2002-2003.

Paradigms of Political Science (Paradigmele Stiintei Politice) (undergraduate seminar) 2002-2003.

Invisible College (English based teaching excellence program of the Romanian Society of Political Science)

Applied Political Analysis (lecture course) 2002-2003 Quantitative and Qualitative Methods in Social Sciences (lecture course) 2003-2004.

Here are some useful resources

Academic Writing

Central European University Center for Academic Writing *** Chicago Manual of Style / Turabian - Colorado State U *** Chicago Manual of Style - Excerpts at University of Georgia Library *** Writing Guides from Colorado State University *** Research and Documentation *** Writer's Handbook U of Wisconsin Madison

Conference papers, working papers and other publications

APSA annual conference papers *** Midwest Political Science Association *** European Research Papers Archive *** EUI, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies *** UC Berkeley working papers *** JFK School of Government Harvard University *** Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies Koeln *** DORAS - Dublin City University *** SSRN - Social Science Research Network

Industrial relations and trade unions (Databases, Research Centers, Journals, Confederations)

ILO *** Statistics Division of ILO *** European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions *** European Industrial Relations Observatory *** ETUI *** Workers' Participation *** European industrial relations dictionary *** Social Law Net *** BUSINESSEUROPE *** Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Labour Studies *** FAFO Institute for Labour and Social Research *** Centre pour la recherche economique et ses applications *** Industrial Relations-A journal of economy and society *** Industrial Relations Journal *** Labour *** European Journal of Industrial Relations *** European confederation of executives and managerial staff - CEC *** European trade union confederation - ETUC ***  ITUC - CSI (International Trade Union Confederation) - established by fusion of CMT-WCL (Confederation mondiale du travail) and ICFTU/CISL (International confederation of free trade unions) on Nov. 1-3, 2006 *** Other European and international trade unions organizations

Industrial relations in Romania

Economic and Social Council (in English) *** CNSLR-Fratia *** Cartel-Alfa *** BNS *** Meridian *** Confederatia Nationala a Patronatului Roman CNPR *** Uniunea Generala a Industriasilor din Romania UGIR *** Uniunea Generala a Industriasilor din Romania 1903 - UGIR1903 *** Patronatul National Roman PNR *** Romanian Government Office for Social Dialogue

Religion and politics / Church-state relations

European Consortium for Church and State Research *** Osservatorio delle liberta ed istituzioni religiose *** eurel - sociological and legal data on religions in Europe *** Center for Law and Religion Cardiff *** US Department of State International Religious Freedom Reports *** Office of Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships *** Institute for Global Engagement *** Baylor University - J.M.Dawson Institute for Church-State Studies *** JSRI - Journal for the study of religion and ideologies

Denominations in Romania

State Secretariat for Religious Cults *** Romanian Orthodox Church *** Romanian Church United with Rome (Greek Catholic) *** Catholica.ro *** Catholic Archdioceses of Bucharest and Iasi *** Reformed Unitarian Church (link in Hungarian) *** Reformed Church from Romania (Calvinist - link in Hungarian) *** Reformed Evangelic Lutheran Church (in Hungarian) *** Reformed Evangelic Lutheran Augustinian Confession from Romania (in German)*** Pentecostal Churches from Romania *** Union of Baptist Churches from Romania *** Adventist Church from Romania

Religion/Church - based NGOs

Caritas *** Diaconia *** Vasiliada Association *** St. Dimitrie Foundation *** Stavropoleos - Concordia project *** Betania Association *** Humanitas Pro Deo Foundation *** Bethany Romania Foundation *** Pro Vita Association

Resources for research methods

Quantitative: R *** R environment *** RStudio *** Stata *** Statalist *** Statistical Computing *** Raynald Levesque’s webpage *** SPSSX-L discussions group ***  SPSS 

Qualitative: COMPASS smallNresources *** Qualitative Comparative Analysis *** The Focus Group Center *** Richard Krueger's homepage *** Consortium on Qualitative Research Methods *** TROPES

Election Studies

British Election Studies *** American National Election Studies *** Canadian Election Study *** CSES - Comparative Study of Electoral Systems *** European Election Studies *** New Zealand Election Study *** The Electoral Process in Post-Communist Europe *** International Foudation for Election Studies - IFES *** Internatonal Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance - IDEA

Databases and research resources

ICPSR *** RODA *** Romanian Public Opinion Barometer databases (since 1994 to present) *** Global Development Network *** European Social Survey Data *** MORESS- Mapping of Research in European Social Sciences and Humanities *** Eurobarometer *** ILO Labor Statistics Database *** GESIS *** PSR- Political Science Resources *** CSES (Comparative Study of Electoral Systems) *** Luxembourg Income Study

Academic Fellowships and Scholarships

Council for European Studies *** Central European University *** Open Society Foundation, Romania *** Fulbright Commission in Romania *** The National University Research Council, Romania *** The Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, and WWICS East European Studies

Professional associations in political science

American Political Science Association *** European Consortium for Political Research

Frequent reports and other resources with international or regional importance produced by international organizations and think tanks

Freedom House *** The Heritage Foundation *** The World Bank *** UNDP Human Development Report *** Transparency International *** The Economist - Romania Country Profile, Articles and Reports *** World Economic Forum (Global governance report; Global competitiveness report) *** National Democratic Institute *** International Republican Institute *** The United Nations Development Program *** UNDP-Romania *** Romanian Academic Society *** The Fraser Institute *** CIA - The World Factbook *** Economic Freedom of the World *** Library of Congress - Country Studies **** Brookings Institution *** Council on Foreign Relations *** Chatham House ***Rand Corporation Europe *** Centre for European Policy Studies *** French Institute of International Relations *** Centre for Policy Studies - UK *** Kiel Institute for the World Economy *** Bruegel *** Japan Institute of International Affairs *** CASE - Center for Social and Economic Research

Fundraising and grants

StiriONG *** Finantare.ro *** The German Marshall Fund *** The National Endowment for Democracy *** The United States Agency for International Development *** CEETrust *** The Civil Society Development Foundation *** The Open Society Foundation, Romania *** Ratiu Foundation UK *** Charles Stewart Mott Foundation *** Allavida

Romanian think tanks, NGOs, civic actions

Innovation Research Foundation *** MRC - Median Research Centre *** Pro Democratia Association *** Coalition for a Clean Parliament - Coalition for a Clean Government (Coalition for Clean Universities) *** APADOR-CH *** Institute for Public Policies *** CRPE

Personal webpages

Gabriel Badescu *** Irina Culic *** Larry Diamond *** Zsolt Enyedi *** Mark Fey *** Andrei Gheorghita *** Donald P. Green *** Silja Häusermann *** Torben Iversen *** Kenneth Janda *** Gary King *** Steven Levitsky *** Arendt Lijphart (Lijphart Elections Archive)***  Pippa Norris *** Grigore Pop-Eleches *** Gabor Toka *** Bogdan Voicu


Vasile Dancu ***  Bogdan Voicu *** Active Learning in Political Science *** The Analysis Factor *** Kai Arzheimer *** Robert Elgie *** The Monkey Cage *** Polls and Votes *** Social Science Statistics *** The Wolf Den *** You Study Politics, Right?

Teaching (e-learning, online simulations)

Moodle - e-learning platform *** Learning Catalytics - interactive classroom *** NB - online course material annotation *** Butterfly effect *** More than three dimensions?

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