Patients' Rights as Policy Issue in South Eastern Europe 

Project Timetable                                                              Neda MILEVSKA-KOSTOVA

April 2005

IPF Seminar (early April)
Collection of relevant literature, available case studies, reports, legislation, etc.
Analysis of the collected materials

May - June 2005

Preparation of questionnaire, implementation of survey of patients, doctors and other stakeholders
(Skopje, Bitola, Kochani, Stip)

July - August 2005

Analysis of the answers to the questionnaire
Detailed analysis of the collected materials

September 2005

Preparation of draft policy paper
Discussion of the draft policy paper with relevant stakeholders (in workshop)
(Ministry of Health, Doctors' Chamber of Macedonia, Roma and other NGOs, other stakeholders)

October - November 2005

Analysis of the results and conclusions from the workshop(s)
Preparation of draft legislation for patients' rights

December 2005

IPF Second Seminar (early December)
Presentation of the draft policy issue paper
Presentation and discussion of the draft legislation

January - February 2006

Preparation of the IPF Research Report
Preparation of the final Policy Issue Paper

March 2006

IPF Third Seminar
Presentation of the Policy Issue Paper and recommendations

April - May 2006

Finalization of discussions with Doctors' Chamber of Macedonia for proposing the draft legislation on patients' rights to the Ministry of Health and to the Government of Macedonia.
Publication of the findings (Research Report and Policy Issue paper with recommendations)

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