As you already know, I am one of the 31 fellows who are devotedly working on their projects under the auscpices of the Open Society Institute, an international research institute based in Budapest. Conducting specific social research related to our country, we all are meeting from time to time, to discuss our results and problems, as well as find out about others' progress. In one word, we are doing our best as young scientists, and you can know about our work from these webpages. Welcome to my home webpage,and feel free to send your opinions, ideas and suggestions to my email: ymelnich@mailexcite.com
The project I'm working on is called "Who is winning on the market? The impact of economic reforms on the social roles of women in Ukraine". The topic itself came out of the real situation I found myself, trying to find a job. Being a young woman, a recent University graduate and a young mother, it appeared that what is needed on the labor market is not my knowledge and skills, but either "nice appearance" or "good typing skills". At some point, I realized that that the issue of finding employment more or less commensurate with skills and aspiations is not personal, and affects most of Ukrainian women. So, the project speaks about the current position of women on the labor market, and how it affects their other social roles- as mothers, wives, and personalities. The aim of the project is to bring out some suggestions on how to improve the situation, and to propose some policy intiatives to different organizations and agencies- local as well as international. The results of the project, as well as some of other materials which might be useful and of interest for you are grouped in the following sections: