Activities Report

Due to important new circumstances and to consultations with my mentors, concerning the effectiveness of the Project’s activities, I introduced two changes in the time-plan of my Project, which do not affect its scope and its objectives:

With all these changes, the Project activities look as follows:
  1. Participation in the eighth IPF Seminar, Budapest - February 2001
  2. Consultations with mentor Assoc. Prof. Dr M. Grekova – March 2001
  3. Preparation of the theoretical model of the sociological survey – March 2001
  4. Preparation of the typological sample of the survey – March 2001
  5. Preparation of the interview model – April 2001
  6. Conducting the interviews with 14 teachers in Sliven and Shumen – April 2001
  7. Preparation of the questionnaire – May 2001
  8. Conducting the survey at 6 schools – 2 in Sliven, 1 in Novachevo, 2 in Shumen and 1 in Malomir – May 2001
  9. Participation in the ninth IPF Seminar, Budapest – June 2001
  10. Technical processing of the data from the survey - June 2001
  11. Primary analysis of the data from the survey - June 2001
Relevant activities, not part of the Project:

On behalf of Sofia University I organized the seminar “Balkan cultural identities and civil society”, 22.04 - 24.04.2001, Sofia. Scholars from Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Yugoslavia and the USA took part. It was decided that the work on this theme continues in the form of research by national teams from all the Balkan countries, involved (participation of scholars from Turkey and Albania is to be arranged). A comparative sociological survey on the value systems in the Balkan countries is to be prepared and, if financial support is found, carried out in 2002.

On 05.05.– 06.05.2001 I took part in the Conference “Human Rights And The Dialogue Of Civilizations” in Teheran. It was organized under the aegis of the President Khatami and was associated with his initiative that the UN declares 2001 as the Year of the Dialogue of Civilizations. The conference was organized by the Mufid University in Qom, the ideological “stronghold” of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Invited from abroad were, altogether, about 20 scholars from the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Russia, Bulgaria, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Nigeria. See IRAN REPORT (different from IRAN PAPER)

I presented a paper, titled “Human Rights and Cultural Identity. The Role of the Public Sphere”. It will appear in the proceedings of the Conference, which are prepared for publication at Mufid University. The paper’s full text is available as an appendix to this report.  IRAN PAPER