International Policy Fellowship

ID 0329 – PBH – LUN - SI

Urska Lunder

Ljubljana, Slovenia

A model for classifying and paying for palliative care in Slovene health care system

Interim Activity Report

The objective of this project is to create a pilot study to test a classifying system and common protocol (clinical pathway) in order to identify optimal model of implementation process for palliative care services into Slovene national health care system.

Present interim report covers activities related to the research undertaken between March and August 2004.





Lunder U, Sauter S, Furst CJ. Evidence based palliative care – beliefs and evidence for changing practice. Palliat Med 2004, 18:265 – 266.


Unit in a Cancer Comprehensive Center (Institut Catalŕ d’Oncologia),

Support team in a Teaching Hospital (Badalona or Vall d’Hebrón),

Units and networks in Socio-health centers (Sta Creu de Vic),

Unit in nursing home (Sta sussagna de Caldes),

Home care support teams,

Meeting experts on payment systems at the Servei Catalŕ de la Salut

(Financing agency)

Meeting with responsibles of international aspects at the Ministry of Health

Several meetings (discussion- proposals) with Dr. Xavier Gómez-Batiste

* During the first meeting with group mentors in April the initial project proposal has been re-evaluated. The major changes to the initial project proposal have been the following:

  1. More preparations to the pilot testing of the model, timetable for starting the use of clinical pathways starts in September 2004.

  2. Connecting with experts or a country of successful implementation of palliative care payment system in order to start further co-operation and receive a support.

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