Your name, position: Volodymyr Rudiy, Chief of the Secretariat of Committee of Health Care, Motherhood & Childhood of Verchovna Rada (Parliament) of Ukraine

Name of Fellow you have assisted: Konstantin Krasovsky

1.    What, in your opinion, have you and your Fellow/program/project gained from your cooperation thus far?

At present the main achievement of the Fellow’s project is that for the first time in Ukraine independent expert Konstantin Krasovsky have analysed current tobacco control policy in Ukraine, its strong and weak features. The policy analysis conducted by Konstantin Krasovsky provides more detailed and complex approach to decision concerning this policy improvement to increase its effectiveness. It is very important that arguments presented by Konstantin Krasovsky in his research demonstrate possibilities of new approaches implementation to obtain substantial economic benefits for the society. These new approaches of further toughening and ban of tobacco advertising can bring far more long-term benefits due to reducing harmful effects of tobacco use on population’s health and related growth of productivity forces quality, than short term national budget revenues from taxes paid by tobacco companies and related commercial structures from their income of tobacco production and advertising activities. If these arguments will be perceived and supported by decision makers it would have very positive effect for public health and development of tobacco control policy in Ukraine.

2.    Do certain areas of this Fellow’s work need improvement? Which areas?

The research conducted so far by Konstantin Krasovsky is very helpful for general understanding of the tobacco control policy and, as it was stressed earlier, can be interested for those policy makers, which wish to support comprehensive policies to improve public health in general. It contains some interesting and valuable statistical data from other countries. However, to my opinion, it would be very helpful to provide also statistical and prognosis data, concerning the current situation in Ukraine. It would make the work even more interesting and reasoned, would increase its value and possibilities of its effective use by policy makers.

3. In your opinion, does your Fellow’s project make a significant contribution to the field?

YES, to my opinion, the project has great national and international importance.

4. Would the project be important to other countries in the CEE/fSU region?

YES, to my opinion the project will have has special importance for the former USSR and other Eastern European countries because national tobacco control policies in these countries and very similar to the current policy in Ukraine.

5. Could the proposed policy research make an impact on the policy environment in specific countries or regions? (Policy makers, experts and policy research community)

YES, see the previous answer (question 4).

6. Is the timetable for the project realistic?


7. Could the project benefit a large number of people?

YES, tobacco use is one of the global public health problems.

8. Does the Fellow show evidence that he/she can think strategically about the relevant project and/or field?

YES, undoubtedly the Fellow showed his ability to use strategic, based on multi-sector approach thinking when developing recommendations, directed to improvement tobacco control policy.

9. If the Fellow were to re-apply for continued OSI funding for follow-up work associated with the project, would you support continued funding?


10. Are there other appropriate funders that may support the project?

I suggest YES, there are should be some organizations which could have such interest, while I could not name them at present. First of all, there could be, for example, some UN agencies, European Comission and so on.

Recommendations for other potential senior contacts for this Fellow:

To my opinion, Konstantin Krasovsky has valuable knowledge and experience and his expertise is very interesting and deserves attention.

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