Your name, position:
Peter Anderson; Independent consultant, honorary fellow, University of Oxford, England

Name of Fellow you have assisted: Konstain Krasovsky

1. What, in your opinion, have you and your Fellow/program/project gained from your cooperation thus far?
A detailed understanding of tobacco and tobacco policy in Ukraine; the key actors; the key stakeholders; the key impediments to implementation of effective tobacco policy; ways of working as an NGO, official; and advocate for tobacco policy in Ukraine. This detailed knowledge, understanding and experience have immense benefits both for the mentor and the Fellow in working in and advising other countries of the former Soviet Union.

2. Do certain areas of this Fellow’s work need improvement? Which areas?
I have worked with and known the fellow at a national and international level since 1992. Over this time I have seen considerable growth in his maturity, understanding of the topic and becoming an experienced scientist and policy advocate in the field of tobacco. He has learnt to balance enthusiasm and expertise with the appropriate modesty. His personal and analytical skills are very well developed. I have learnt more from him than he has probably learnt from me. He would benefit from having a wider range of international publications. He could develop an advocacy training manual and course for use in countries of the former Soviet Union.

3. In your opinion, does your Fellow’s project make a significant contribution to the field?
YES – and an exceptional contribution at both the national and international levels
4. Would the project be important to other countries in the CEE/fSU region?
YES – particularly to the countries of the former Soviet Union, but also to some of the countries of eastern Europe

5. Could the proposed policy research make an impact on the policy environment in specific countries or regions? (Policy makers, experts and policy research community)
YES – it is a very mature analysis of the difficulties of implementing effective bans on tobacco advertising in Ukraine that teaches policy lessons in countries that are inexperienced in this type of work, including the countries of the former Soviet Union.

6. Is the timetable for the project realistic?


7. Could the project benefit a large number of people?
YES This includes the public at large, for which such a project has enormous benefit in terms of potential health gain, and the tobacco control public health and scientific community.
8. Does the Fellow show evidence that he/she can think strategically about the relevant project and/or field?
YES – Exceptionally so

9. If the Fellow were to re-apply for continued OSI funding for follow-up work associated with the project, would you support continued funding?

YES – Without a doubt. Continued funding for Konstatin Krasovsky is a very good investment in terms of the very efficient and effective hard work put in and the excellent products and outcomes that are achieved.

10. Are there other appropriate funders that may support the project?

YES – Applications could be made to bilateral donors, such as foreign affairs countries of European Union countries

Recommendations for other potential senior contacts for this Fellow:

Konstantin Krasovsky is a talented fellow who should be listened to, and who deserves continued support

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