Konstantin Krasovsky

2003 International Policy Fellow

2003 Fellowship Topic Area: Public Health Policy: Tobacco Economics Research and Advocacy

2003 Fellowship Project Title: Establishing a mechanism for tobacco control advocacy

Curriculum Vitae


 Graduated from the Kiev State University in 1980 and obtained Ph.D. degree in 1984.


1983 – 1994 - Researcher, the National Academy of Sciences.
since 1989 - Researcher on substance abuse.
1994 - Consultant of the Alcohol, Drugs and Tobacco Unit WHO Regional Office for Europe, Copenhagen.
Since 1995 - Executive director of the Alcohol and Drug Information Center in Kiev, professional NGO.


 Took part in many international congresses and meetings on tobacco control: 10th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (Beijing, 1997), 11th World Conference on Tobacco or Health (Chicago, 2000), UICC meeting on International Non-Smoking Day (Warsaw, 1997), WHO-UNICEF meeting on Tobacco and Youth (Singapore, 1999) and others. He was a member of Scientific Committee of the 3rd European Conference on Tobacco or Health (Warsaw, 2000).

Organized the WHO Conference Alcohol and Other Drugs Problems in rapidly changing socio-economic environments (Kiev, October 1993) and the WHO training seminar "A Global Approach to Strengthening Tobacco Control" for Eastern and Central European countries, the WHO-EURO National counterparts meeting and National Conference on Tobacco Control Policy which were held in Kiev in October 1997.

Since 1997 member of the Coordinating Board on Tobacco Control of the Government of Ukraine, as a representative of NGO. Worked as a consultant of the Parliament Commission on Health. In 1996 actively participated in campaign to ban tobacco advertising in Ukraine, and prepared several materials for members of parliament and issued special booklet. In 2001 was a member of working group on tobacco control legislation at the Parliament Public Health Committee.

In 1999 represented Ukraine on the WHO National Counterpart meeting in Prague. In 2000, member of delegation of Ukraine on Second meeting of the Working group on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in Geneva. In September 2001 took part in the CIS countries FCTC meeting in Moscow as member of Ukraine delegation.
Since September 2000 coordinator of the NGO Coalition "For Tobacco Free Ukraine", which at present unites more than 30 NGOs.

In 1999 coordinated the Ukrainian part of the Global Youth Tobacco Survey. In 2000-2001 took part in WHO project "Tobacco Kills: Don't Be Duped" as Change Agent for Ukraine.
In 2001 coordinated the World Bank project on tobacco control economics in Ukraine.
In 2002 coordinated the Smokeout project in Ukraine sponsored by the International Foundation Renaissance.

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