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Economic Research:

These economic studies were produced for the period of my cooperation with the German Group on Economic Reforms in Ukraine and the Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting. They consider various issues of economic and social reforms and the establishment of a sound market economy in post-socialist countries..

Developing Sustainable Agricultural Extension Services: Conceptual Issues and Policy Implications

The study considers the role and evolution of modern agricultural extension with special reference to the present situation in Eastern and Central Europe and analyzes the nature of the services provided by extension. It discusses the differences between public and private goods and the issue of externalities in agricultural extension. This sets the stage for a discussion of the role and place of government in providing and promoting agricultural extension services and of the different organizational forms of extension institutions.

“A Regional Agricultural Trade Model for Wheat and Sunflower Seeds in Ukraine"

The purpose of the paper is to demonstrate the negative consequences of certain state policies and established practices, and to analyze their implications both at the national and the regional levels. The study employs a social welfare analysis and demonstrates the effects of excessive marketing costs on domestic price, on consumer and producer surpluses, and on social welfare. To simulate different state policies and practices on the wheat and sunflower seed markets in Ukraine, the author uses a GAMS model. The study elaborates on the results of the main model scenarios and provides an analysis of the distortional effects of certain governmental policies and practices

“The Impact of Agricultural Trade Policies Farms’ and Consumers’ Welfare in Ukraine

(In the book: "Policies and Agricultural Development in Ukraine", Stepan von Cramon Traubadel and Ludwig Striewe, 2001)
The study presents an agricultural trade model for
Ukraine to study the effects of some agricultural policies for farmers’ and households’ decisions as well as their welfare


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