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These marketing studies were conducted during 2001-2005 for the International Finance Corporation, private investment arm of the World Bank. They are dedicated to the issues of private sector and agribusiness development in emerging economies of Eastern Europe.

A series of studies of farming and agribusiness development in Ukraine is based of four-years surveys conducted for the 2001-2004 period. The survey studies cover a wide range of issues of farm operations, commodity marketing, agricultural finance, organization and legal relations as well as some aspects of rural area development.

"Report on Farming and Agribusiness Development in Ukraine in 2001"

"Development of Farming and Agribusiness Sectors in Ukraine in 2002"
"Farming and Agribusiness Development in Ukraine in 2003"

"Farming and Agribusiness Development in Ukraine: 2001-2004"

This marketing study "Specifics of Farm Processing and Marketing" offers an analysis of the development of a food supply chain (production-processing-marketing) in the emerging market economy in Ukraine.  The study considers such issues as market competition in the food processing industry, contractual relations between processing plants and primary producers as raw product suppliers, quality requirements to raw materials, and specifics of supply delivery to processors. Special attention is paid investment opportunities in the processing and retail sector.

"Specifics of Farm Processing and Marketing"

The study "Specifics of Consumer' Demand for Vegetable Produce in Supermarket Chains"  provides a marketing analysis of some characteristics of consumers' demand for  vegetable produce in the main Kiev supermarkets"

"Specifics of Consumers' Demand for Vegetable Produce in Supermarket Chains"


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