Many Thanks!

Hereby, I would like to thank all people, whose knowledge, skills, interest and active support helped me to realize this project, to collect material, to analyze it, to record, to illustrate and to publish it.

Most of all, I feel indebted to all those Kelderary Roma  people, who have given me interviews and were courageous enough to tell their stories and be photographed and/or filmed.

The assistance of Olga Abramenko and Rob Sint Nicolaas, their company and support with collecting audio-visual material on my field trips were essential elements of our work on the research.

The good help and the great atmosphere that the IPF team created for the fellows, made this work pleasant and enjoyable.

It was a great pleasure to work under the guidance of my group advisor Mr. Olivier De Schutter, who gave a lot of good advice, while reading and commenting the many drafts of the policy paper. The discussions with Mr. De Schutter were most educative and useful beyond the policy paper needs.

Eóin Young read the final draft of the policy paper and gave useful advice too.

I also appreciated the interesting exchange of opinions within the Roma exclusion fellows group.

Last but not least, my greatest thanks to all those whose technical abilities went far beyond mine and without whose aid the website plan could have never come true : Merrill Oates and Azat Imashev for their technical support and advice, as well as Arkady Gridnev for his great work on editing video clips for the website.