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  • Cultural policy in Serbia

    The specific goals of the project are to identify Serbia's key cultural policy representatives and leaders on the national and local level; compare decision-making procedures, financial and other instruments in Serbian cultural policy; develop a methodology for the comparative analysis of cultural policies of Southeast European countries; and write research and policy papers for the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Serbia and the City Council of Belgrade. Read more
  • Deaf Studies curriculum development

    The objectives of the project are to develop an interdisciplinary curriculum on Deaf Studies for Hungarian universities, elaborate the methodology of teaching and assessment within the field, analyze the dominant (hearing society's) attitudes toward deafness, devise policy recommendations on how to promote alternative integration strategies for the deaf community, and develop a policy paper in the field of higher education and minority issues. Read more
  • Demand for higher education in Romania in times of economic transformation

    The objectives of the project are to develop a policy paper in the field of higher education, conduct research into reform of higher education in Romania, to examine factors which play a role in changes in demand for higher education, and propose recommendations based on the findings for educational policy makers and administrators of universities. Read more
  • Democracy to disorder? Comparative analysis of governance strategies in the North Caucasus

    The objectives of the project are to conduct a comparative analysis of institutional mechanisms and governance strategies in Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachai-Cherkessia (North Caucasus); analyze the role of formal and informal institutions in preserving stability and promoting development in Karachai-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria; write research paper and policy study for the relevant ministries for economic development, Kabardino-Balkarian Scientific Centre, and Karachai Research Institute. Read more
  • Democratic governance in a tribal system

    The objectives of the project are to provide an evaluation of existing democratic mechanisms in Yemen, and measure their effectiveness within the current tribal context ; analyze the main obstacles that hinder implementing the core concepts of democratic governance; address questions crucial to democratization dealing with governance, civil identity, accountability and communication; and write a research paper and policy study on best practices of good governance within a tribal system for policy makers in Yemen and international donors. Read more
  • Desegregating Roma schools: A cost-benefit analysis for Romania

    The goal of the project is to conduct statistical research related to segregated Roma schools in Romania; evaluate segregated schools and mixed schools in terms of human and financial resources and scholarly achievement; identify and evaluate economic and social costs of maintaining segregated schools; elaborate a strategy for desegregating Roma schools in Romania as well as in Central and Eastern Europe; and write a research and policy paper in the field of Roma education for the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research as well as the Department of Minority Education, Roma and non-Roma educators and journalists, and international organizations such as Center Education 2000+ (Open Soros Network Romania), World Bank-Romania, UNICEF-Romania, and Save the Children-Romania. Read more
  • Developing a land market and land policy in Ukraine

    The objectives of the project are to undertake independent research on the progress and future perspectives of land reform in Ukraine, with a special focus on the issues of land relations and land market development in agriculture; conduct a retrospective analysis of land reform development in Ukraine starting from 1991; undertake an analysis of legal and normative underpinnings regulating land relations; define the social and economic benefits of the introduction of land reforms in Ukraine; and write a research and policy paper for Ukrainian policymaking institutions such as the Ukraine Land Resources Committee and Ministry of Agriculture, as well as research organizations and non-governmental organizations such as the Institute of Law and Agrarian Economics of the National Academy of Science, and the Ukrainian Association of Landowners and Land Users. Read more
  • Developing a national pharmaceutical policy in Armenia

    The objectives of the project are to make a comprehensive assessment of pharmaceutical service in Armenia and on-going trends, identify problems and recommend well-researched strategies for reform, formulate the main principles of a national pharmaceutical policy; and produce a research and policypaper for the Ministry of Health. Read more
  • Developing a new paradigm for scholarly communication: The case of Kyrgyzstan

    The objectives of the research are to analyze the current state of scholarly communication in Kyrgyzstan, develop and evaluate new network-based sustainable models for improved access to scholarly information and publishing research data by the academic society in Kyrgyzstan, and write a research and policy paper on electronic scholarly communication for the Academy of Sciences and the Council on Information and Communication Technologies of Kyrgyzstan. Read more
  • Developing performing arts policy

    The objective of the fellowship is to develop comparative research on performing arts policy in Baltic countries, launch a European network/team of researchers focusing on the issue of art policy, and develop a policy paper in the field of culture. Read more
  • Diversity management and concepts of multiculturalism in Russia

    The objectives of the project are to analyze how the concept of multiculturalism is perceived in the Perm and Saratov regions by the regional authorities; define social and political factors contributing to the adoption of multicultural social policies in Russia; and write policy study and research paper for the Saratov regional government and Perm regional administration. Read more
  • Documentation of civil law cases concerning sexual minorities in Hungary

    The objectives of the project are to document, group and write up civil law cases concerning gay, lesbian, bisexual issues in Hungary over the past three years; conduct interviews with judges and lawyers regarding such cases; research and prepare working materials for activists and interested individuals working on advocacy and judicial reform related to the rights of sexual minorities; and develop a policy paper in the field of law/human rights and minorities. Read more
  • Documenting the impact of community peacebuilding efforts in the post-Yugoslav region: Toward a peace-building policy framework

    The goal of the project is to evaluate community-based peace-building practices in post-Yugoslav countries and regionally; validate and apply contextualized evaluation criteria on a minimum of 12 carefully selected grassroots projects (among which two-thirds are explicitly committed to peace-building, while the remaining third represent a control group of diverse community-development projects); identify patterns of successful practices applicable to the region within the present border areas of Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia as well as the entire post-Yugoslav region; and write a research and policy paper for various stakeholders (the Croatian Parliament, the Section for the Stability Pact in SEE and the EU of the Croatian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Croatian Ministry of Reconstruction, municipal authorities in the researched areas, the Stability Pact headquarters in Brussels, the European Commission, USAID and other donors and governmental institutions in the region). Read more
  • Drug trafficking as a challenge for Russian post-Soviet security policy

    The objectives of the project are to evaluate the effectiveness of Russian security and border policies intended to combat transboundary drug trafficking by assessing the extent of drug addiction compared with Russia as a whole; examine appeals to address the problem made by political and other elites both nationally and internationally seeking to develop political strategies and obtain financial support for new structures; and write a research paper and policy study for Russian decision-making structures in the corresponding field such as the Security Council, State Antinarcotic Agency (Gosnarkokontrol'), Federal Assembly and regional authorities. Read more
  • Drug use and HIV in Armenia: Re-orienting drug policies toward harm reduction

    The objectives of the project are to explore how existing drug policies contribute to HIV risk among Armenian injecting drug users (IDUs); identify harm reduction approaches that would be acceptable in the Armenian cultural context; present recommendations for the development of effective advocacy strategies; and write a research and policy paper in the field of drug related HIV harm reduction for the Country Coordinating Commission (CCC) on HIV/AIDS Prevention of the Republic of Armenia. Read more
  • Dual broadcasting system in Mongolia: Problems and prospects

    The objectives of the project are to compare dual broadcasting systems in various European countries in order to investigate various approaches to the concept, financing, principles of broadcasting, control mechanisms, etc.; devise recommendations for developing electronic media policy in Mongolia; and develop a policy paper in the field of media policy. Read more
  • Early intervention centers for children with disabilities: A model for Ukraine

    The objectives of the project are to develop a policy paper in the field of public medicine and health, devise a model for early intervention centers for physically and mentally retarded children, and promote early rehabilitation for such children to prevent juvenile disabilities. Read more
  • Eastern European economic transition policy revisited: The Neoschumpeterian model

    The project objectives are to explore patterns of economic behavior exhibited by innovative private small and medium firms in three sectors of the Bulgarian economy - information technology, pharmaceuticals and the food industry; collect macroeconomic as well as "time dimensional" data about the way firms are coping with various types of uncertainties during the economic transition by studying approximately 30 SMEs in each sector; develop policy strategies regarding state capacity and the leading economic sector; and write a research and policy paper for the Bulgarian Government's Agency for SME and Bulgarian Industrial Associations with special attention paid to Bulgarian Association for Information Technologies BAIT and the Bulgarian Association of Pharmaceutical Companies. Read more
  • Eastern Ukraine's first Early Intervention Center for children with disabilities and developmental delays

    The objectives of the project are to establish an operating Early Intervention Center working in three main directions: Early Intervention Service, Dissemination of Information and Education on Early Intervention, and Early Intervention Research; and develop a policy paper in the field of public medicine/health. Read more
  • East-West Roma migration and the "culture of poverty"

    The objectives of the project are to conduct in-depth studies of European, international and national responses to Roma migration from South-East Europe and their impact on the actual socio-economic situation of Roma; research and analyze whether and to what extent improvements in the situations of Roma in their country of origin are related to East-West migration of Roma communities; define and attempt to clarify whether the "culture of poverty" is an incentive for Roma migration, focusing on Roma access to public health; and write a research paper and policy study including policy recommendations for national governments and international institutions dealing with Roma issue, particular on migration, such as International Organization of Migration, UNDP, World Bank. Read more
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