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  • Ukrainian state information policy: Case study of agricultural reforms

    The project will analyze state information policy related to agricultural reforms by focusing on both the policies of the relevant institutions (national, oblast, raion state agencies) and the local state media network (oblast and raion newspapers); provide recommendations for the development of state information policy as well as the role and status of local mass media; and develop a policy paper in the field of information policy. Read more
  • University-science-business cooperation for the sustainable financial development of higher education in Mongolia

    The project aims to compare current Mongolian policies and legislation regarding university funding and external cooperation with that of other countries; explore the potential for public-private partnerships in Mongolia to support discretionary funding of universities; investigate opportunities for university entrepreneurship in forging economic ties with certain industries, non-profit and international organizations; and develop a policy paper in the field of education policy. Read more
  • Urban informal sector in the public policy process: The case of street enterprises in Indonesia

    The objectives of the project are to analyze social and economic factors underlying street vending activities; discuss relevant policy issues and develop policy options in the urban development planning of Bandung Metropolitan Region (BMR) in Indonesia; and write a research and policy paper for city administrators, urban planners, member of parliament, academia, NGO workers, mass media reporters, and street traders (including street trader associations) in BMR. Read more
  • Urban spaces in Croatia: A process of development

    The objectives of the project are to promote a community-based approach to public space development in various towns and counties in Croatia and in the post-Yugoslav region (primarily Serbia); develop more long-term strategies for funding citizen initiatives and promoting partnership building; focus on implementation of the previous fellowship project findings and policy recommendations; and write a research and policy paper for local governments and self-governments (community councils) of Croatia and Serbia, as well as for community groups, NGOs and international organizations involved in the local government reform and the citizen participation building such as Urban Institute, AED, USAID and others. Read more
  • Western/EU media standards and their applicability in new democracies: Non-constitutional issues

    The objectives of the project are to compare western administrative media standards and relevant legislation as well as practice in Central Europe; analyze the requirements related to membership in the EU; devise recommendations for new media regulations in Central Europe; prepare a course on administrative media standards for students at Polish universities; and develop a policy paper in the field of media and law/ human rights. Read more
  • Western media standards in new European democracies

    The objectives of the project are to develop a policy paper in the fields of media and law/human rights, compare Western and Central European media standards and devise recommendations for new media regulations in Central Europe, and prepare a course on media law for students at Polish universities. Read more
  • Women and local government in Indonesia: Seeking gender-sensitive local governance

    The goal of the project is to explore the role of women in local governments, non-governmental and community-based organizations in North Sumatera; identify ways of promoting gender-sensitive development among policymakers and other stakeholders at the local level; via focus groups and seminars, bring together diverse stakeholders to analyze problems at the local level and search for strategies to enable both men and women to direct the development agenda; and write a research and policy paper for the local governor, the North Sumatera Women's Caucus, and relevant academics, community-based organizations and women's interest NGOs. Read more
  • Women in Central Asia: Eliminating forms of violence

      Read more
  • Women in Ukrainian society: Impact of recent economic reforms

    The objectives of the project are to develop a policy paper in the fields of gender issues and economics; conduct research into the impact of economic reforms conducted by the Ukrainian government and major intergovernmental organizations on the social roles of women; analyze the impact of national independent advocacy groups addressing gender aspects of economic reforms; and formulate policy recommendations based on this research. Read more
  • Young Roma participation in higher education

    The goals of the project are to promote Roma youth participation in higher education to assist them in completing their academic studies in higher educational institutes and encourage them to utilize their knowledge in their community, develop a concrete strategy on how to implement the higher educational concept within the selected CEE countries of the Soros foundations network, work out the framework mechanisms and processes in place after one year in order to successfully implement the project in selected countries, establish an implementation partners network to extend the program to other countries in the region, and develop a policy paper in the field of higher education. Read more
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