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30 November 2007

IPF Policy Fellows: Links, Fellow Finder, and Featured Fellows

Since its inception, the International Policy Fellowships program has supported hundreds of individuals, each pursuing an independent research and policy advocacy project. The links below will help you find fellows, their projects, and noted achievements, both during and since their fellowship period.

  • Fellow finder - a search tool for quickly locating fellows and their projects based on:
    • Project Research themes
    • Geographic Regions covered by the project
    • fellow First/Given name or Last/Family name
    • IPF fellowship year
  • Full fellow list - a one-page comprehensive listing of all fellows, their e-mail address, and a link to each fellow's personal project website. Personal websites are maintained by each fellow and include further publications and other materials relevant to their professional work.
  • Featured fellows - highlight the IPF policy project achievements of selected fellows.
  • Research themes - six general themes encompass the numerous working groups and topic areas that link fellow projects and interests across fellowship years.
  • Policy studies - a selection of policy papers submitted by fellows at the end of their fellowships.

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