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  • Dick Kawooya

    Promoting open information and access to information in developing countries.

    Dick Kawooya and his Open Information working group colleagues investigate developing country access to electronic resources and copyright issues.

    Fellow Dick Kawooya examines higher education institutions in Uganda in his research on copyright and access to electronic resources in developing countries. Together with the OSI Information Programs and IPF Group Advisor Lawrence Liang in India, International Policy Fellows Eve Gray in South Africa, Prashant Iyengar in India, and Dick in Uganda are leading advocacy efforts promoting developing country access to scientific and scholarly information online.
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  • Aldo Bumci

    Promoting open policymaking

    Albanian fellow Aldo Bumci promotes justice and international cooperation in Southeast Europe

    During his IPF fellowship, Aldo Bumci examined cross-border cooperation between Albania and Montenegro and proposed economic reforms. In 2005 he was appointed to the post of Minister of Justice of Albania. His article "Religion, Media and National Security in Albania" published in the IPF book Islam and Tolerance in Wider Europe.
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  • Ahmad Idrees Rahmani

    Promoting democratic governance.

    Ahmed Idrees Rahmani promotes democratic governance in Afghanistan.

    International Policy Fellow Ahmed Idrees Rahmani organized research teams, community focus group discussions, and extensive interviews throughout Afghanistan to better understand the role of both religious institutions and the newly established Community Development Councils in Afghan local governance. Many of the predictions of his preliminary policy study have proven accurate. As a result of the research project, Idrees is working to establish an independent policy institute as well as a new ministry for regional development to better promote informed policymaking and democratic governance in Afghanistan.
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  • Sabina Qureshi

    Promoting more open access to education in developing countries

    Sabina Qureshi advises key policymakers in Pakistan on primary and secondary education reform.

    Pakistani fellow Sabina Qureshi researched ways to increase girls' access to education in Pakistan. Following her fellowship, she was employed to write Pakistan's White Paper on education reform and secured a multi-million-dollar donor country debt swap to fund primary and secondary education, with a focus on girls' education.
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