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  • Mirna Karzen

    Promoting open policymaking within communities

    Mirna Karzen ensures the involvement of communities in the creation of urban public spaces

    Croatian fellow Mirna Karzen mobilized policymakers, foundations, and local communities to create public spaces in a climate of post-war urban development. Since her fellowship, she has continued to work on projects promoting community involvement in the development of public spaces with support from multiple donors. Her policy studies and further information about the project are available at
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  • Ibrahim Al-Marashi

    Promoting democratic media and governance in Iraq and the Middle East

    Ibrahim Al-Marashi's media policy recommendations adopted in Iraq

    In the course of his project on ethno-sectarian discourse in the Iraqi media, Ibrahim Al-Marashi conducted fieldwork in and around Baghdad and gained the respect of Iraqi parliamentarians and UN officials and Iraqi media officials charged with drafting a new Media Code for Iraq. The Code was drafted by Iraq's newly established information commission overseeing the country's information and media policy - the first such body in the Arab world. Recommendations from his policy study were incorporated into the Code and are available on his personal website.
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  • Nicu Popescu

    Contributing policy research for informed EU decision-making

    Moldovan fellow Nicu Popescu conducts field research throughout Eastern Europe to inform both national and EU decision makers.

    After investigating Russian and EU policy toward Transnistria as well as the Caucasus for his IPF project, Moldovan fellow Nicu Popescu was hired to conduct policy research for OSI-Brussels and later the European Council on Foreign Relations. His article "Outsourcing De Facto Statehood: Russia and the Successionist Entities in Georgia and Moldova" was published in the IPF book Islam and Tolerance in Wider Europe..
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  • Dick Kawooya

    Promoting open information and access to information in developing countries.

    Dick Kawooya and his Open Information working group colleagues investigate developing country access to electronic resources and copyright issues.

    Fellow Dick Kawooya examines higher education institutions in Uganda in his research on copyright and access to electronic resources in developing countries. Together with the OSI Information Programs and IPF Group Advisor Lawrence Liang in India, International Policy Fellows Eve Gray in South Africa, Prashant Iyengar in India, and Dick in Uganda are leading advocacy efforts promoting developing country access to scientific and scholarly information online.
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