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  • Syed Mohammad Ali

    Promoting informed policies to reduce poverty.

    Journalist and researcher Syed Mohammad Ali brings voices from the provinces of Pakistan to policymakers and the public.

    During his IPF fellowship, independent research consultant, newspaper and television journalist Syed Mohammad Ali investigated the lack of civic participation in donor-driven poverty reduction programs and offered recommendations for positive change.
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  • Islam Yusufi

    Promoting open policymaking in Macedonia

    promoting open policymaking in Macedonia.

    Following his IPF fellowship investigating security sector reform in Macedonia and Southeast Europe (see and, Islam Yusufi helped establish the independent think tank Analytica in Macedonia (
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  • Radmilo Pesic

    Promoting informed decision-making on climate change.

    Radmilo Pesic advises Serbian policymakers attempting to implement global agreements on climate change.

    During his IPF fellowship, Serb researcher Radmilo Pesic investigated climate change and Serbia's position vis-a-vis the Kyoto Agreement. He currently advises key Serbian policymakers attempting to implement global agreements intended to curb climate change.
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