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Islam and Tolerance (PubChap) Islam and Tolerance in Wider Europe offers a refreshing new look at the complex interplay between religion, nationalism and expansionism in an increasingly globalized world, as revealed by a new generation of open society leaders working to build a more tolerant Europe. Each chapter -- focusing on Western Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, Turkey, Central Europe, and the Balkans -- includes several essays by authors involved in the dynamic policymaking processes transforming their countries. The authors have not only spent many years conducting field research investigating the issues presented, but have also participated actively in the democratization of their own 'transition' societies. Their policy perspectives benefit from a uniquely 'inside out' rather than the usual 'outside in' orientation found in most English-language information about their communities. Taken as a whole, the compilation offers insightful insider stories and comparisons across countries and regions. The results are illuminating.

Islam & Tolerance: Europe's Transforming Identity

Islam & Tolerance: Section 1 Introduction

Islam & Tolerance: Section 2 Ethnic Relations in the Caucasus

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