(March-July 2002)



In March, after participating in the IPF seminar (4th – 15th), I started to contact and to consult with relevant individuals and organizations in Croatia. In addition, at the Center for Education and Counselling of Women (CESI), we completed the final round of survey using self-administered questionnaires among 350 school going adolescents in Zagreb, as a part of the Urgently Claiming the Future: Focus on Gender for Safer Sexual Relationships research project. Moreover, the article School-Based Sex Education: International Experience, written together with Aleksandar Štulhofer, was submitted for publication in Društvena istraživanja /Social Research/, as well as included as a reference paper in the project on developing the new National Curriculum for primary education (Center for Educational Research and Development – CERD). Throughout the whole first period of the fellowship I was continuously collecting and reviewing relevant resources.

During April my activities mostly included meetings and briefings with resource persons in Zagreb, exchanging of information and literature, and reviewing relevant databases. I also started to contact key-informants in Sarajevo, Ljubljana, and Belgrade in order to organize short field trips for the regional part of my research. During the same month, my activities at CESI included:

During May, I traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia&Herzegovina (6th – 9th), Ljubljana, Slovenia (13th – 16th), and Belgrade, Serbia&Montenegro (20th – 26th) for study visits included in my regional research. On May 21st, at the Institute for Educational Research, in Belgrade, I presented on my IPF project, followed by the discussion. In Croatia, I participated in organization (together by CESI and CERD, as a regional center of SouthEast European Education Cooperation Network) of the round table Needs and Perspectives for School-based Sexuality Education in Croatia, held on May 28th, in Zagreb. My other activities included:

At the beginning of June (4th – 7th) I participated in IPF seminar Policy Analysis and Policy Paper, and then (9th – 16th) attended the Kinsey Summer Graduate Training Institute Interventions for High-Risk Sexual Behavior: Design, Implementation and Evaluation, at the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, Indiana University, Bloomington, where I also presented on my IPF research project. At the end of the month (27th - 30th) I participated in the International Seminar Gender, Identity and Conflict in Post-War Societies of the Former Yugoslavia, at Peace Institute, Ljubljana.

During July, in Zagreb, I participated in the founding assembly of the Croatian Sexological Society, as a member of the Coordinating Committee (2nd), and in the 2nd meeting of the Initiative Committee for the implementation of school-based sexuality education (5th).


12 July 2002


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