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Alan C. Doig  is a Professor of Public Services Management, and Head of the Fraud Managment Studies Unit, at Teesside Business School, University of Teesside, UK. His areas of teaching and research are public services management, the impact of change on governance and fraud management, and operational and organizational issues related to the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption. He has served as a consultant for international organizations working on evaluation and anti-corruption projects in numerous countries. In 2002 he was project director for the review and implementation of the National Anti-Corruption Programme for the government of Lithuania. He holds several public appointments in England including Board member for the Standards Board of England and Vice-Chair, North East Fraud Forum. His authored and edited books include Corruption and Misconduct in Contemporary British Politics, Corruption and Democratisation, and Sleaze: Politics, Private Interests and Public Reaction; he is completing books on fraud and state crime.

Since 1999 he has been project leader for some 30 country studies in developed, developing and transitional countries on corruption and the National Integrity System. He earned an MA from the University of Durham.

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