International Policy Fellowships Program
Center for Policy Studies
(affiliated with the Open Society Institute and the Central European University)

                         GAYANE GHUKASYAN
                             2002 International Policy Fellow


                                     2002/2003 Fellowship Topic Area:
          Primary and Secondary Education Policy and Public Health Policy

                                      2002 Fellowship Project Title:
         Integrating HIV/AIDS/STI Education Program into School Curriculum

                            2003 Continuing Fellowship Project Title:
                                 AIDS EDUCATION AT SCHOOL:
        Introducing policy culture change and outlining a draft curriculum

Project Proposal
2002 Fellowship Research Proposal 
2003 Continuing Fellowship Research Proposal
Research Proposal 
Project Timetable
2002 Fellowship Project Timetable
2003 Continuing Fellowship Project Timetable
Project Timetable
Project Mentors
2002 Fellowship Project Mentors
2003 Continuing Fellowship Project Mentor
Jacqueline McPherson, Health Services Consultant

Norayr Ghukasian, Head of School Education
Department, Ministry of Education & Science

D A Maghakian, Leading Specialist, 
Ministry of Education & Science
2002 Fellowship Reports
2003 Continuing Fellowship Reports
Activity Report
Research Paper
Policy Paper


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