Content related aspects of problem-based teaching



LECTURE 1 Regions and regionalism in the new Europe

LECTURE 2 Nation-states, globalization, regional development

LECTURE 3 Regionalism and economic development


LECTURE 4 Analyzing regional economies and social processes


LECTURE 5 Human resource development and regional policies


LECTURE 6   Cross-border regions in Central-East and South- East Europe


LECTURE 7 The Carpathian Euro-region as a geographical, economic, social and political entity


LECTURE 8 The potential of cross border cooperation in the Hungarian-Romanian border area.The Bihor-Bihar Euro-region.


LECTURE 9 Local identity and regionalism


LECTURE 10 The ethnic dimension of regionalism in East-Central Europe


LECTURE 11   Cultural, identity, regionalism and inter-cultural communication


LECTURE 12 Regionalism, competition and geopolitics: European integration in Central Europe