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Mihai Surdu

Bucharest, Romania
2002 - 2003 IPF Fellow

Affiliation: Researcher at the Institute for the Quality of Life think tank in Romania.

Fellow project

2002 - 2003: Desegregating Roma schools: A cost-benefit analysis for Romania
The goal of the project is to conduct statistical research related to segregated Roma schools in Romania; evaluate segregated schools and mixed schools in terms of human and financial resources and scholarly achievement; identify and evaluate economic and social costs of maintaining segregated schools; elaborate a strategy for desegregating Roma schools in Romania as well as in Central and Eastern Europe; and write a research and policy paper in the field of Roma education for the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research as well as the Department of Minority Education, Roma and non-Roma educators and journalists, and international organizations such as Center Education 2000+ (Open Soros Network Romania), World Bank-Romania, UNICEF-Romania, and Save the Children-Romania.

Working groups: Roma Policy, Children's Services Policy, Human Rights Policy, Primary and Secondary Education Policy
Relevant countries: Romania

Fellow's bibliography

Advanced Fellow and Project Finder #2
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